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Veterinary Dentistry Dental Case

Veterinary Dentistry Today November 2013

A 10 year old male greyhound presented with a hard swelling of the right ventral mandible.  Please review this radiograph.  What is the most likely diagnosis?


Skull radiographs were obtained in addition to intraoral dental radiographs.  There is an increased lucency associate with the mesial root of the right mandibular first molar (tooth 409) and the roots and furcational bone of the right mandibular fourth premolar (tooth 408). A smooth periosteal reaction is present ventral to the region. No cortical changes are evident. The most likely diagnoses are osteomyelitis secondary to periodontal disease, or idiopathic osteomyelitis.

Please review these radiographs and add any further observations.

Gross, Obidiah - 29
Gross, Obidiah - 2

Diffusely irregular punctate lucencies with periosteal reaction is commonly seen with osteomyelitis.

Gross, Obidiah - 8

Necrotic bone can be seen dorsal to the defect in this post extraction image, confined clinically to the lingual cortical bone.

Gross, Obidiah - 9

A partial rim mandibulectomy was utilized to eliminate necrotic bone. A diamond bur was then used to contour the marginal bone. The inflamed gingiva and mucosa were excised. The right mandibular third premolar (tooth 407) was extracted to facilitate a tension free closure.


Soft tissue and bone removed from the defect were sent for histopathological evaluation.

Diagnosis: Osteomyelitis and bone necrosis.


30 days postoperative view

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"I can’t thank Dr. Beckman enough for his mentorship and devotion to developing our dentistry skills. I never thought I’d be able to do the procedures that I have, and in a remote community, it’s a joy to see my patients benefit from that.”
Nicole Baran, DVM
Sudbury Regional Cat Hospital (Owner)
Ontario, Canada
“Hey Brett, Your passion for teaching veterinary dentistry, and the lessons I learned from you, gave me the knowledge and confidence to educate and provide my clients the best oral care for their pets. Now, as an educator, my clients are DVM students, and everyday I get to pass on lessons I learned from you.”
Greg Wolfus, DVM
Tufts University
"Attending Dr. Beckman’s canine dental wet lab was the single most valuable CE I had experienced in my then 10 years as a veterinarian.”

“I was already doing fairly good dentistry, was using dental x-rays and had good technicians, but Dr. Beckman taught me how to utilize those tools to be a better practitioner and to be more profitable.”
Dr. Geoffrey Adams
Pasco Animal Hospital
New Port Richey, Florida
“Dr. Beckman’s Canine and Feline Dentistry seminars include relevant, practical and engaging lectures, interspersed with hands-on experience performing full-mouth extractions in dogs and cats.”

“Dr. Beckman’s team is friendly, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Annie Mills LVT, VTS (Dentistry) does a stellar job organizing the events, making for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.”
Erin V. Abrahams, DVM
Angell Animal Medical
Center Boston, MA
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