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Dr. Beckman’s Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind (43 RACE Credits)

The Guidance You Need To Be The Best in Dentistry in General Practice.

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

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Online Courses with 24/7 Unlimited Access

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Dr Beckman’s Simple and Surgical Extraction Online Course provides detailed tips and tricks with images and video to provide The Most Detailed Course Available on extractions in the dog and the cat. These techniques will make your extractions quicker and easier. 7 RACE Hours.

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Here, Dr Beckman helps you create the Veterinary Dentistry Service that you, your staff and your patients deserve. Dr. Beckman guides you to overcome all obstacles and achieve the ultimate success in your practice. 7 RACE Hours.

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

This is a comprehensive online course sharing the practical details of Canine Dentistry for the General Veterinary Practice. 8 RACE Hours.

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Eliminate common obstacles and learn to sincerely enjoy helping your feline patients with oral disease by acquiring the knowledge Dr Beckman shares here. 8 RACE Hours.

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Don’t second guess yourself any longer! Become consistency confident reading dental radiographs. Own the skills to quickly diagnose and treat veterinary oral disease in dogs and cats. 5 RACE Hours.

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Let me solve the most common problems techs have with radiographic positioning and many more for you with the Veterinary Dentistry for Technicians Online Course. Allow me guide you to eliminating frustrations and increasing efficiency in all of your dentistry cases. 5 RACE Hours.

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

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The Courses Above are Fantastic.

The Community and Mentorship Below are Unparalled.

Facebook Group as a Private Community to post radiographs, cases and questions where I will consult and others can comment without judgement and offer answers as well. This group is very active and one of the best liked features.

Resource sections with bonus material for each course. Special Mastermind only section with high definition surgery and client education videos.

Realtime Radiographic/Image question evaluation during your procedures via text with Dr. Beckman.

Sixty minute interactive live video mastermind conferences held every month plus replays of all of the monthly mastermind conferences since May 2015.

Strategic consultation with Dr. Beckman on building the veterinary dentistry service within the practice.

10% Discount on all live courses: Live Courses

Dr. Beckman’s Veterinary Dental Radiographic Positioning Guide

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If after 30 days of access to the training, private Google Plus support group, 1-on-1 text support with Dr. Beckman, Mastermind meetings and all the other resources included, you aren’t happy or don’t feel the course was worth the value, you can get a refund, no questions asked. We are confident that that will you receive the resources and support you need to gain confidence and skills you desperately want and need when it comes to your dental work. You can see below the dozens of testimonials from other veterinarians who decided to invest in their skills just like you.

Explanation of RACE CE

The online courses can be used by the veterinarian/s and by any of the staff in their practice for training. The CE associated with the online courses can be used by anyone in the practice one time. In other words for Canine Dentistry, all 8 hours has to be used by one person who takes the test and the CE is awarded to him/her upon completion of a simple, brief online test. If there is only one veterinarian and they don’t need all 41 CE hours they can take the test in the year that they want the CE hours.

All online courses and member benefits are available immediately upon registration to the entire hospital staff.

To become a practice member of the Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind please follow this link to register:

See What Mastermind Members Have To Say

“I started my practice eight years ago and at that time had very little dental knowledge or skill. I signed up for Dr. Beckman’s online courses and it changed the world of veterinary dentistry for me. As soon as Dr. Beckman started the Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind, I knew it was a group that I wanted to belong to. It is a group of fantastic individuals. Everyone in the community is welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive, and helpful. Dentistry can be stressful and it is a wonderful platform to discuss cases with others that have an interest in veterinary dentistry. I always feel comfortable posting questions and I have learned so much. Not just about my own cases but about others, as well. Not only has it made me a better veterinarian, it has been a huge benefit to my clients and to their pets. It has built up my knowledge and skill, and I can now offer better treatment plans. Financially, it has been a game changer for the practice. I love belonging to this wonderful group. Thank you, Dr. Beckman”

Regan Morris
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist
Bayview Wellington Veterinary Clinic
Ontario, Canada

“This is going to sound silly, but I literally teared up when you wrote back, as I have this HUGE sense of relief that I finally have support for my dental journey! I’m so frustrated with trying to muddle through on my own and not know where to turn. The Mastermind is great and I’ve only begun.”

Erica Dalrymple, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Stittsville Small
Animal Clinic


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“I owe you a HUGE debt and gratitude to where my dentistry passion and skills are today!! While I was excited to learn better ways to perform dentistry, learning from you in the Mastermind gave me the strong foundation to build upon and master so much more than I ever thought possible!
THANK YOU again for everything! You are amazing at what you do and have such a beautiful and kind, as well as, practical and effective teaching style! While it has a long way to go, Veterinary Dentistry is undoubtedly so much better and continues to grow every day because of you and your phenomenal team!”

With much love and genuine appreciation,

Jodi Reed
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Stittsville Harmony Animal Hospital
Apex, North Carolina

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

Register Now & Start Your Journey

“Attending Dr. Beckman’s canine dental wet lab was the single most valuable CE I had experienced in my then 10 years as a veterinarian.”
“I was already doing fairly good dentistry, was using dental x-rays and had good technicians, but Dr. Beckman taught me how to utilize those tools to be a better practitioner and to be more profitable.”

Dr. Geoffrey Adams
Pasco Animal Hospital
New Port Richey, Florida

“Dr. Beckman’s Canine and Feline Dentistry seminars include relevant, practical and engaging lectures, interspersed with hands-on experience performing full-mouth extractions in dogs and cats.”

“Dr. Beckman’s team is friendly, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Annie Mills LVT, VTS (Dentistry) does a stellar job organizing the events, making for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.”

Erin V. Abrahams, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Angell Animal Medical Center
Boston, MA

“Following Dr. Beckman’s courses our patients are under anesthesia for much less time, the anesthetic episodes are much smoother with better pain management and our patients have very comfortable recoveries.”

“Our clients are very happy with the results and have a better understanding of the reason and expense of treatment when they can see their pet’s X-rays.”

Rebecca Korven
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Sydney, Novia Scotia, Canada

Hi Brett, I have attended many lectures and labs and the AVDC forum and consider myself an experienced general practitioner in the field of dentistry. I am now finished the extraction webinar. I would like to tell you that your webinars are outstanding. They have refreshed my skills in areas that needed refreshing and they have helped me improve my extraction skills and flap making in ways I didn’t think possible. Thank-you. Every veterinarian should be required to take these webinars before they practice dentistry.

Dr. Ron Altman
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital
Evergreen, Colorado

“As a member of Brett Beckman’s Mastermind, I can learn with his online classes. How to do a perfect practice, everyday from diagnosis to the treatment.”

Profa. Dra. Víviam Pignone
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Médica Veterinária
Pós-graduação em Odontologia Veterinária
Mestre em Cirurgia – UFRGS Doutora em Cirurgia
Porto Alegre, Brazil


*** Please Click the Video Above ***

Dr. Beckman, thank you so much for an amazing weekend and your kind words. This was a “practice changer” CE course!! I am so energized to get back to work and try these new techniques. Thanks again for offering such an amazing class! I graduated in 1995 and would have loved to have been taught the proper way to extract teeth. I wish every vet student could benefit from your experience!!

Wendy Simpson
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
DVM Morrisville Cat Hospital

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

Register Now & Start Your Journey

“I can’t thank Dr. Beckman enough for his mentorship and devotion to developing our dentistry skills. I never thought I’d be able to do the procedures that I have, and in a remote community, it’s a joy to see my patients benefit from that.”

Nicole Baran, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Sudbury Regional Cat Hospital (Owner)
Ontario, Canada

“Hey Brett,
Your passion for teaching veterinary dentistry, and the lessons I learned from you, gave me the knowledge and confidence to educate and provide my clients the best oral care for their pets. Now, as an educator, my clients are DVM students, and everyday I get to pass on lessons I learned from you.”

Greg Wolfus, DVM
Tufts University

“I had attended 2 different wetlabs with different veterinary dentists. They were very informative and certainly got me started on the road to becoming more comfortable and proficient at extractions. However, Dr. Beckmann’s teaching style and excellent visuals improved my skill level and confidence exponentially. With confidence and increased efficiency, my time has procedure time decreased significantly.

I used to dread doing dentistry, thanks to the tools Dr. Beckman has provided, I now enjoy it!
Thank you Dr. Beckman!!”

Julia Gilkerson
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Atlantic Cat Hospital
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

Register Now & Start Your Journey

“I attended Dr. Beckman’s feline dentistry course my first year as an associate. The individualized instruction and hands-on practice gave me confidence in performing dental procedures, especially extractions. I am now proud to provide the best dental care for the cats I love.”

Amanda Perkins, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
The Cat Hospital of Metairie
Metairie, Louisiana

“Dear Dr. Beckman,
You are filling a gaping hole in the veterinary field for those of us who want to be GPs and practice high standard dentistry by providing the Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind. This is probably the best CE money I have ever spent! You really have condensed and streamlined years of my scattered study into such a compact, user friendly program.”

Lisa Goldburg, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Regency Veterinary Clinic

“I highly recommend Dr. Beckman’s instructional videos and wet labs. Two of my associates, Dr. Rachel Wise and Dr. Andrea Hoover, attended his Weekend Course in Orlando and LOVED it. I am a Clinical Professor at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center in the Community Practice and Dentistry department and I now recommend Dr. Beckman’s courses to all of our students.”

Kevin Cox, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Redmond-Kirkland Animal Hospital
Redmond, WA

“Dr. Beckman, the quizzes/ case studies/ your image library and the presentations have been simply wonderful. I just wanted to thank you and let you know you are making a big difference for me and many other veterinarians and their patients.”

Randall S. Verink, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Casper Animal Medical Center
Casper, Wyoming

“Many thanks to Drs Beckman & Fuentes for some truly inspiring instruction- my interests & abilities grew enormously this weekend!

It was an absolute joy to meet everyone in the Mastermind & I hope to have more opportunities to meet & fellowship again.

See you all online in the forum soon!”

Troy Young, DVM
Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind Member
Yuba City

“Before joining the Mastermind an $800 dental procedure was crazy expensive and rare. That’s now average, not because we raised prices but because we are doing a better job and doing more.

We have increased our dental service so much we bought a second dental unit – and OFTEN – two vets are doing procedures at the same time. This is all 14 months after joining the Mastermind.”

Kevin Smith, DVM
Member Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind
Hyannis Animal Hospital
Sandwich, MA


*** Please Click the Video Above ***

Dr. Beckman,

I cannot say enough how much your Mastermind has helped me and all of my staff. We use your videos as part of every new employees training whether they are doctors, techs or receptionists. What you are doing is making a huge difference in improving the dental care that is offered to pets everywhere.

Jennifer Redmon
Member Veterinary Dentistry Mastermind
Pet Dental USA
Prescott Valley,

Only $1997 and $97 Per Month Subscription

Register Now & Start Your Journey

I look forward to having you onboard.