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Veterinary Dental Client Generation Course

Bonuses Start Immediately

Registration Provides Immediate Lifetime Access
To This Online Course

Learn how to generate clients in your veterinary practice using measurable digital marketing

Veterinary Dental Client Generation Course


Registration Provides
Lifetime Access To This Online Course

Course Delivered to You Oct 15

Bonuses Start Immediately

Learn how to generate more clients into your veterinary practice with digital marketing.

Take the mystery out of marketing, you’ll discover the practical strategies and step-by-step tutorials that will help you create measurable results.

Discover how to target the right kinds of clients who are your ideal clients that need and want your services. Enjoy growing specific services you love working on instead of taking whatever comes along.

Brandon Breshears is helping you drive more of the right kinds of clients into your practice so that you can consistently grow your veterinary practice.

If you’ve ever felt confused or overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing or social media, you’re not alone. This course will help demystify digital marketing so that you can consistently create dental clients in your practice.

You’ll gain step-by-step action steps, walkthroughs and the exact strategies Brandon uses to help his clients grow their practices. You’ll discover how to build and implement a plan that works for your practice and your goals. You can use this course as a resource for you or your staff so that you’ll always have a way to generate clients.

Brandon Breshears’ Bio

Brandon started his career in digital marketing over 10 years ago and has helped brands and businesses in industries ranging from large loan production companies to physical e-commerce brands in the US. 5 years ago, Brandon started The Veterinary Marketing Podcast to help veterinary practices discover how to use digital marketing to attract and engage clients.

Brandon’s podcast generates over 10,000 downloads a month, and since starting, Brandon has helped hundreds of practices create direct measurable results. Brandon currently helps manage over 50,000 a month in ad spend across Google, Facebook and other ad networks for brands and businesses including over 50 veterinary practice locations across the United States.

The biggest problem that Brandon works to solve in the digital marketing space is helping to demystify what you should be doing in your practice when it comes to marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to be a pain point that wastes time and money. You’ll be able to simplify your marketing, create measurable goals and execute the plans you create.

Bonus #1

Private Facebook Group with Brandon

As a bonus for preregistering for this course, you will have access to Brandon personally inside of the Facebook group. You can ask questions directly and get personalized responses so that you can get even more benefit from Brandon’s course.

Bonus #2

12 Month Digital Marketing Planner

This is a physical workbook that you’ll receive that will help you set benchmarks, identify your most important KPIs so that you can create marketing that drives ROI in your veterinary practice. You’ll get clarity on what to do, who to target with your marketing and how to make the most of what you have today.




Bonus #3

Access to an hour-long training on how to create
a content plan that attracts more clients.

An in-depth training on how to create a digital marketing plan. This training goes hand-in-hand with the digital marketing planner, you’ll get more insight on how to create content and grow your practice’s social media.


This Course Will Contain In-Depth Training On How To Generate Veterinary Dental Clients In Your Practice.

Each module is designed to take you(or whoever handles marketing in your practice) from knowing nothing about marketing to running ads that drive new clients into your practice. If you already know how to run ads or are running ads you’ll learn how to optimize and scale your results to improve your marketing ROI.

This Course Will Include Lessons Covering:

Getting Started

  • Major principles you need to be successful

  • The minimum required tools you need to drive clients into your practice

  • How to define success when it comes to digital marketing

  • Key terms and basics you need to know

Client Generation Foundation

  • Learn how marketing works

  • Learn the best ways to turn people from strangers to customers

  • Understand what you need to start successful marketing

  • We’ll cover the most important marketing concepts and principles that can help your practice

Traffic Analytics & Reporting

  • You’ll understand the differences between traffic platforms

  • You’ll learn how to set baselines so that you can measure success

  • You’ll get the best tools you can implement right away to track your advertising. We’ll help you get set up with tracking so that you’ll know where clients are coming from and how much they cost to get in the door

  • We’ll help you set up automated reporting so that you don’t have to work to see how your marketing is doing

Creating Brand Assets

  • What systems you need to have in place to optimize returns

  • Software and system creation to communicate with your clients and potential clients

  • The lead magnets and other tools you can use to attract clients to your practice

Creating Clients On Facebook

  • You’ll get an in-depth walkthrough of how to create effective ads

  • We’ll create step-by-step of how to drive clients into your practice from Facebook

  • We’ll cover the major differences from intent-based marketing and help you drive clients through opportunity marketing

  • I’ll share with you the biggest money wasters when it comes to Facebook

Traffic Platforms & Placements

  • You’ll understand what makes each traffic source different

  • You’ll learn where the best place for your practice is to run ads

  • You’ll see examples of all ad placements for each ad network so that you can make ads that work for you

How To Create Effective Ads

  • I’ll give you my best ad formulas that help to drive people into your practice

  • You’ll learn how to set up ad campaigns on each platform based on the placement

  • You’ll gain new insights on how to drive clients into your practice by creating effective offers

  • You’ll develop core offers that turn strangers into clients

Creating Clients On Adwords

  • We will do an in-depth walkthrough of how Adwords works

  • You’ll see the power of intent-based marketing and see how to reach potential clients who are actively looking for you

  • You’ll see step by step how to set up ad campaigns and create the most effective structure to get started

  • I’ll give you the biggest pitfalls to avoid so you don’t waste money attracting poor quality clients

Monitoring Measuring & Optimizing

  • You’ll learn how to manage ads in an ever-changing digital landscape

  • You’ll see the easiest ways to quickly understand exactly what is going on inside your advertising campaigns

  • You’ll learn how to take ads that are working and discover how to improve your ads so that you can continue to improve your results.

Trouble Shooting Your Ads

  • I’ll give you the ad troubleshooting toolkit that helps you identify the problems that arise

  • You’ll get the formula I use to make sure your ads work

  • You’ll understand when to scrap/fix/scale your ads

Veterinary Dental Client Generation Course

Course Delivered to You Oct 15

Bonuses Start Immediately

Discover how to drive high-quality clients into your practice with digital marketing. You’ll learn how to create systematic growth by creating ads and running traffic to your offers.  Race Approved 8 Hours of CE Credit with 24/7 Lifetime Access

Generate Dental Clients in Your Practice

Veterinary Dental Client Generation Course


Registration Provides Immediate Lifetime Access
To This Online Course

RACE accredited 8 hours CE

Course Delivered to You Oct 15

Bonuses Start Immediately



"I can’t thank Dr. Beckman enough for his mentorship and devotion to developing our dentistry skills. I never thought I’d be able to do the procedures that I have, and in a remote community, it’s a joy to see my patients benefit from that.”
Nicole Baran, DVM
Sudbury Regional Cat Hospital (Owner)
Ontario, Canada
“Hey Brett, Your passion for teaching veterinary dentistry, and the lessons I learned from you, gave me the knowledge and confidence to educate and provide my clients the best oral care for their pets. Now, as an educator, my clients are DVM students, and everyday I get to pass on lessons I learned from you.”
Greg Wolfus, DVM
Tufts University
"Attending Dr. Beckman’s canine dental wet lab was the single most valuable CE I had experienced in my then 10 years as a veterinarian.”

“I was already doing fairly good dentistry, was using dental x-rays and had good technicians, but Dr. Beckman taught me how to utilize those tools to be a better practitioner and to be more profitable.”
Dr. Geoffrey Adams
Pasco Animal Hospital
New Port Richey, Florida
“Dr. Beckman’s Canine and Feline Dentistry seminars include relevant, practical and engaging lectures, interspersed with hands-on experience performing full-mouth extractions in dogs and cats.”

“Dr. Beckman’s team is friendly, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Annie Mills LVT, VTS (Dentistry) does a stellar job organizing the events, making for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.”
Erin V. Abrahams, DVM
Angell Animal Medical
Center Boston, MA