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The Dentistry Training You Didn't Get in Veterinary School

Veterinary Dental Extraction Course Weekend Dog & Cat Wetlab 2021

2 Fantastic Days of Intense Surgical Instruction to Give You the Skills to Master Surgical Extractions.

Brett Beckman, DVM
Jodi Reed, DVM
Veterinary Dental Practitioner

Includes Immediate Lifetime Access to “Essential Surgical Extraction Techniques in the Dog & the Cat” step by step video tutorials of the surgical extraction procedures in the dog & the cat that you will be performing in the Lab.

Our Weekend Veterinary Dental Wet Labs focus on canine and feline dentistry, with an emphasis on extractions. All courses are RACE CE accredited.



"Dr. Beckman, thanks so much for the info and QUICK responses. This is going to sound silly, but I literally teared up when you wrote back, as I have this HUGE sense of relief that I finally have support for my dental journey! I'm so frustrated with trying to muddle through on my own and not know where to turn. This is great and I've only begun."
Erica Gallagher, DVM
Stittsville Small Animal Clinic
Ontario, Canada
"I attended Dr. Beckman's feline dentistry course my first year as an associate. The individualized instruction and hands-on practice gave me confidence in performing dental procedures, especially extractions. I am now proud to provide the best dental care for the cats I love."
Amanda Perkins, DVM
The Cat Hospital of Metairie
Metairie, Louisiana
"Dr. Beckman's webinars are outstanding. My patients have all benefited from these webinars as I have learned new techniques and improved upon old ones. I strongly encourage every veterinary general practitioner to take these courses. They are very inexpensive for the materials they offer and they will make you a better practitioner."
Ron Altman, DVM
Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital
Evergreen Colorado
"Dear Dr. Beckman,
You are filling a gaping hole in the veterinary field for those of us who want to be GPs and practice high standard dentistry by providing the Veterinary Dentistry Academy. This is probably the best CE money I have ever spent! You really have condensed and streamlined years of my scattered study into such a compact, user friendly program."
Lisa Goldburg, DVM
Boca Raton Veterinary Clinic