“I took my wet lab training with Dr. Brett Beckman. I would highly recommend these labs. It was just the right combination of hands on and lecture so I came back feeling competent each time. Dr. Beckman has continued to be a resource for me to help guide me on my journey and he is an excellent and patient teacher. His passion for teaching general practitioners to perform a higher standard of dentistry is infectious and I know it has helped many animals across North America because it has helped my patients immensely.”

Amy Schneider
Valley Veterinary Hospitals
Fredericton, NB, Canada

“Attending Dr. Beckman’s canine dental wet lab was the single most valuable CE I had experienced in my then 10 years as a veterinarian.”
“I was already doing fairly good dentistry, was using dental x-rays and had good technicians, but Dr. Beckman taught me how to utilize those tools to be a better practitioner and to be more profitable.”

Dr. Geoffrey Adams
Pasco Animal Hospital
New Port Richey, Florida

“Dr. Beckman’s Canine and Feline Dentistry seminars include relevant, practical and engaging lectures, interspersed with hands-on experience performing full-mouth extractions in dogs and cats.”

“Dr. Beckman’s team is friendly, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Annie Mills LVT, VTS (Dentistry) does a stellar job organizing the events, making for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.”

Erin V. Abrahams, DVM
Angell Animal Medical Center
Boston, MA

Hi Brett, I have attended many lectures and labs and the AVDC forum and consider myself an experienced general practitioner in the field of dentistry. I am now finished the extraction webinar. I would like to tell you that your webinars are outstanding. They have refreshed my skills in areas that needed refreshing and they have helped me improve my extraction skills and flap making in ways I didn’t think possible. Thank-you. Every veterinarian should be required to take these webinars before they practice dentistry.

Dr. Ron Altman
Mountain Parks Veterinary Hospital
Evergreen, Colorado

Dr. Beckman, thank you so much for an amazing weekend and your kind words. This was a “practice changer” CE course!! I am so energized to get back to work and try these new techniques. Thanks again for offering such an amazing class! I graduated in 1995 and would have loved to have been taught the proper way to extract teeth. I wish every vet student could benefit from your experience!!

Wendy Simpson
DVM Morrisville Cat Hospital

I had no idea how much I did not know! I think those lectures will change the way I practice dramatically.

Mark R. Provitola

The lab was absolutely wonderful! All info was relavent. Slide material was great! No problems keeping my attention!

Jennifer Smith

I thought Dr. Beckman was a great speaker! Easy to follow and understand I felt like I learned a lot in a short period of time.

Jennifer Bell

I liked how he went over in detail the interpretation of dental radiography . He also gave alternative ways for positioning dental radiographs. Pain management resources were also excellent. ( i.e. CD)

Cindy Zwiefelhofer

Dr. Beckman was very down to earth and always answered questions. Made lecture and labs fun!The Food was great!


Excellent knowledge of all aspects of dentistry and periodontal procedures – fully explained and answered all questions. I learned a lot and am eager to apply the knowledge in our practice.

Jennifer Bergan
Gulfshore Animal Hospital
Naples, Florida

Wow, what a difference the nerve blocks make in anesthetic levels and patient comfort. The lecture has really helped increase our quality of care (and profits) in dentistry.

Dr. Scott Shuler
Jones Bridge Animal Hospital
Alpharetta, Georgia

Dr. Beckman presented a wonderful seminar. It was worth the trip from central Ohio. I learned a lot and can’t wait to take the information back to my doctors!

Stephanie Temple
RVT, Edgewood Animal Care Center
Marion, Ohio

Great presentation, well prepared. No-nonsense approach to dentistry. Non-threatening responses to questions of all kinds!

Ginny Weimer
Hallet Veterinary Hospital
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

I like how Dr. Beckman went over in detail the interpretation of dental radiographs. Also gave alternative ways to taking (positioning) dental radiographs. Pain management resources in the CD are excellent.

Cindy Zwietethofe
Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Dr. Beckman is extremely knowledgeable about canine and feline dentistry and I feel that I have learned a lot.

Kathleen Sakiewicz
Bayshhore Animal Hospital
North Ft. Myers, Florida

Dr. Beckman is a great speaker. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Alison Thomas,
Zephyrhills Vet Clinic
Zephyrhills, Florida

“I can’t thank Dr. Beckman enough for his mentorship and devotion to developing our dentistry skills. I never thought I’d be able to do the procedures that I have, and in a remote community, it’s a joy to see my patients benefit from that.”

Nicole Baran, DVM
Sudbury Regional Cat Hospital (Owner)
Ontario, Canada

“Hey Brett,
Your passion for teaching veterinary dentistry, and the lessons I learned from you, gave me the knowledge and confidence to educate and provide my clients the best oral care for their pets. Now, as an educator, my clients are DVM students, and everyday I get to pass on lessons I learned from you.”

Greg Wolfus, DVM
Tufts University

“I had attended 2 different wetlabs with different veterinary dentists. They were very informative and certainly got me started on the road to becoming more comfortable and proficient at extractions. However, Dr. Beckmann’s teaching style and excellent visuals improved my skill level and confidence exponentially. With confidence and increased efficiency, my time has procedure time decreased significantly.
I used to dread doing dentistry, thanks to the tools Dr. Beckman has provided, I now enjoy it!
Thank you Dr. Beckman!!”

Julia Gilkerson
Atlantic Cat Hospital
Halifax, Nova Scotia