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Vet and Tech Dental Course Austin Texas
Veterinary Dentistry Procedures Taking Too Long?
Frustrated Taking Radiographs? 
Vet and Tech Dental Course Austin Texas

Secrets to Dental Success

Stop wasting valuable time during veterinary dentistry procedures!  Dr. Beckman shares his invaluable tips and tricks that you can put to immediate use in your practice.

Essential Dentistry Tools

Eliminate retakes and speed through full mouth radiographs in dogs and cats.  Dr. Beckman’s technique is the easiest and most effective method of taking radiographs available anywhere. Master the art of radiographic positioning, nerve blocks, instrument sharpening and much much more!

We will answer these critical questions in Modules 1-4:

Are you practicing veterinary dentistry "the old way"?
Is the order that you take dental radiographs, chart, clean etc all wrong?
What are some valuable tips and tricks that will help me minimize the time it takes to chart?
Am I doing extractions teeth in dogs and cats correctly?
How do I know, based on radiographs, when to extract?

We will tackle these in Modules 5-7

How can I greatly reduce my time taking dental radiographs?
How can I eliminate retakes of the caudal cheek teeth and canines in dogs?
Am I doing my nerve blocks correctly and using the correct drugs?
How often do instruments need sharpening and am I doing it correctly?
We really don’t have an idea how to charge for dentistry services so how do we structure our estimates so clients will comply?

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Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, Diplomate AVDC,Diplomate AAPM

Annie Mills, LVT VTS (Dentistry)

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