Simple Extractions: Techniques and Indications (Proceedings)

Extractions of teeth in dogs and cats are commonly categorized as simple or surgical, Surgical extractions involve periodontal flaps and the removal of bone to expose tooth roots. Simple extractions in some cases are not always simple as their name implies. Fractures during extraction may require surgical methods to complete the procedure. Simple extractions involve […]

7 Month Old Female English bulldog presented with Severe Non-painful Bilateral Mandibular Swelling

A 7 month old female English bulldog presented with severe non-painful bilateral mandibular swelling. What are your rule outs? Answer: Periostitis ossificans, craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO), renal secondary hyperparathyroidism and less likely calvarial hyperostosis. The body of the mandible from just rostral to the ramus to the second premolar was affected. This is a radiograph of […]

Small Mixed Breed Dog Presents for a Professional Dental Cleaning

Question: An 11-year-old small mixed breed dog presents for a professional dental cleaning. Your radiographs show severe bone loss. Answer: Based upon the severity of the bone loss, referral to a board certified veterinary dentist may/should be considered for the patient depending on your surgical skill and comfort level with delicate surgical extractions. Question: What […]

Impacted Tooth in a Dog and a Dentigerous Cyst

​This 18 month-old Golden Retriever presented for a missing right mandibular canine tooth (404), 3rd incisor (403), and 2nd incisor (402) What is the most likely radiographic finding? An unerupted canine tooth Question: What additional findings are present radiographically? Answer: Two abnormal tooth structures (impacted teeth 402 and 403) can be identified rostral to the […]

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