This is the Veterinary Dentistry Academy Mastermind Session for September 2016


Please watch and listen to this extremely important session. This Mastermind was prompted by two companies that took advantage of my business claiming to know analytics and SEO. By the time I was 7 months in I was out about $6000 with nothing to show for it. I don’t want this to happen to our Academy Members!

Time prevented us from playing one of the the most inciteful parts. Here is an excerpt from the Veterinary Marketing Podcast.


In this episode Adam Greenbaum from, a veterinary specific web design, analytics and SEO company summarizes the importance to us as veterinarians to make sure that are websites are properly designed to provide consistent reach on Google that will bring in the clients that will help to grow our veterinary practices.

As a benefit to our group Adam has agreed to personally review/audit our websites from an analytic and code perspective to make sure they are setup correctly. Please send him an email at and he will set up a time to provide this audit for your practice at no charge.

WhiskerCloud is changing the scope of web design, analytics and marketing. I truly believe in this company and am honored to be a consultant for them on the dentistry side of practice and marketing.