Cocoon Veterinary Dental Handheld X-Ray Gun

The COCOON Veterinary Dental handheld x-ray gun is the lightest, most affordable and easy to use product of its kind on the market. With 500 shots before charging, the busiest practice would never come close to needing to recharge during the working day. When you need it, just lift it from its table top charger, press the on button, and start shooting.


NOTE: THIS PRODUCT ONLY SHIPS INSIDE THE UNITED STATES (Not yet approved in the following states: North Dakota/Rhode Island/Vermont)

The Cocoon overcomes these frustrating problems that come with wall mount and floor mount generators:

  1. Huge space requirements
  2. Tube head positioning eats up precious time, lengthening procedures significantly
  3. Tube head drift often adds to the frustration of positioning
  4. Relatively high cost. Cocoon is significantly less than all wall and floor mount generators

The Cocoon overcomes these frustrating problems other handheld generators:

  1. Weight (only 4.8 #)
  2. Two clicks to take an image vs one with Cocoon
  3. Power. Cocoon overcomes the difficulty in penetrating large skulls in dogs. It is also excellent at imaging for other veterinary applications like the skull, limbs and soft tissue on your regular digital plates.
  4. Relative high cost. Cocoon is as much as $1000 less than traditional handheld units.

Returns / Warranty :

We do offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty which covers issues that are not user fault or misuse such as dropping. The battery has a 1 year warranty.