Boone came to Atlanta Veterinary Dentistry to see Dr. Beckman in November for evaluation for a malocclusion that was causing trauma to his palate. We also discovered that the molar eruption was interrupted making Boone susceptible to bone destroying cysts and requiring surgery.
“Dr. Beckman and his staff were wonderful with the diagnosis and care of Boone”

– Mary Caroline Moore


The malocclusion causing the canine to dig into the palate and the incisors to cause trauma to the floor of the oral cavity.


Extraction of the upper incisors eliminated all trauma. Boone now has a comfortable bite and can close his mouth without digging a hole in his palate.


The molars on both sides of Boone’s jaw were covered with thick tissue and bone preventing their proper eruption and predisposing to harmful cysts.


Surgery was done to remove the bone and the tissue covering to allow the teeth to erupt properly


One month later the teeth have erupted normally and the gum tissue has healed