Oral Tumors in a Cat in Southwest Florida

Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-02727Oral Tumors in a Cat in Southwest Florida. This 2 1/2 year old female cat presented with multiple oral masses.

Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-02726

Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-02719Multiple biopsies were taken.A pathologist with special interest in oral pathology from Colorado State University reviewed the findings and images. The final diagnosis was multifocal oral fibrosarcoma.

Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-2

Reports of management of mutifocal FSA do not exist in the veterinary literature. Immediate palliation of discomfort and elimination of trauma to the masses was recommended. Excision of the masses, extraction of associated teeth and contour of adjacent bone was the chosen conservative treatment.

Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-2-5 Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-2-4 Multi Focal Fibrosarcoma-2-3

These images were taken 18 months postoperatively.  The owner reports no recurrence at two years postop.  Although fibrosarcoma represents the second most common malignant oral tumor in cats, a search of reports of multifocal oral fibrosarcoma in cats revealed no findings.

It is interesting to note that the clinical outcome did not fit the histopathological diagnosis, so other possibilities might include multiple epulides in the cat as described below.

Multiple Epulides in 13 Cats


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