Dog Teeth Cleaning Atlanta

Dog Teeth Cleaning Atlanta

This dog had a teeth cleaning done near Atlanta 10 months ago.


The black areas around the roots of the teeth shown here demonstrate severe bone loss due to periodontal disease.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Atlanta

The black area on all of these x-rays show only the bone loss, this picture shows the infected tissue that is present where the bone loss exists.  This patient has suffered silently for years.  The veterinary office that cleaned the teeth 10 months prior mentioned no additional disease.  They did not take x-rays.  Below is the radiograph of the area in the picture above.


Pet owners should always ask if a practice performs full mouth radiography (x-rays) prior to allowing a pet to have dental cleaning.  As you can see cleaning did nothing for this poor dog.  A three hour procedure was required for extractions, infected tissue removal and cleaning of the bone to get this patient’s mouth normal again.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Atlanta Right Maxilla

The large tooth to the left of the picture is the right upper fourth premolar.  Every area of this pets mouth was infected.  Multiple extractions were required and a pain management regimen initiated.


The is the radiograph of the fourth premolar in the image above.  Unfortunately many veterinary practices do not have dental radiography, nor the expertise to diagnose and treat periodontal disease.  Always inquire with the practice prior to consenting for teeth cleaning.  The practice should take full mouth radiographs on all patients.  As you can see this is much more important than just cleaning.

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