Ossiflex Bone Membrane Repair of a Maxillary Defect in a Puppy

A 14 week old mixed breed puppy was presented for severe trauma to the right palatal mucosa, bone and the teeth in that area of the oral cavity secondary to a bite from a large dog.


DSC02501 copy

The arrows indicate the caudal fracture segment.  Rostral to the arrows the bone defect is evident.


The radiographic appearance prior to removal of tooth and bone fragments.


The radiographic appearance of the bone defect after debridement.  The remaining deciduous teeth were not extracted to avoid further compromise to bone and blood supply.


Final debridement and extension of mucoperiosteal flap dissection rostrally and apically to create a tension free closure.


An Ossiflex Bone Membrane was cut to fit the bone defect.


The rostral extent of flap closure following bone membrane placement.


Closure of the caudal extent of the mucosal defect opposes the caudal edges of the fracture.


Final, tension free closure.


Eight weeks post op.

SPCA, Arnold - 9 SPCA, Arnold - 8

The adult canine crown, deciduous canine root tip and deciduous fourth premolar are still present.



The flap to expose the bone for root tip removal demonstrates new bone filling the defect.

untitled-16 untitled-14

Final radiographic appearance of bone growth following deciduous tooth extraction.
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