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Advanced Canine Dentistry Course 2022

Atlanta, Georgia October 22nd – 23rd
Saturday and Sunday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Please Note: Either canine dentistry weekend or canine-feline extraction wetlabs are prerequisites to take this course. Other extraction courses must be approved as prerequisites.

Social Hour and Dinner Saturday Night

Brett Beckman, DVM,

Jodi Reed-Lenhardt, DVM,
Veterinary Dental Practitioner

Javier Fuentes, DVM,

These two kits below are included in your tuition
and are provided for you to use in the lab and take home for immediate use

Restoration Kit

  • Bonding Agent

  • Composite

  • Curing Wand

Interdental Wiring and Fracture Repair Kit

  • Wire Twister Forceps

  • Wire Cutter

  • Interdental/Mandibular Fixation Wire

Advanced Procedures to be Taught in the Lab

Mandibular fracture repair

  • Multiple Interdental wiring techniques

  • Fracture Repair with Composite buttons, Power Chain and Acrylic

Oral Mass Management

  • Rostral Mandibulectomy

  • Mid Body Rim Mandibulectomy

  • Rostral Maxillectomy

  • Lingual Mass Excision and Closure

Soft Tissue Surgery

  • ONF Repair

  • Lateral Sliding Flap for Gingival Defects

  • Surgical Management of Benign Oral Masses

  • Soft Palatal Defect Repair

  • Midline Hard Palatal Defect Repair

  • Island Palatal Rotational Flap for Caudal Palatal Defects

  • Commissurotomy for Caudal Oropharyngeal Exposure

  • Elongated soft palate excision


  • Materials and methods

  • Restorations for deep enamel/dentin defects

  • Odontoplasty and bonding for superficial dentinal defects


  • Vet Tome for Difficult Extractions

  • Lateral mandibular body approach to mandibular canal root tips

  • Dorsal approach to nasal cavity

  • Palatal approach to nasal cavity

Board Certified Veterinary Dentist in Orlando & Atlanta



“I wanted to thank Dr. Beckman and his staff, who are truly incredible teachers and were very effective in explaining techniques in the Advanced Course. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity, and learned a tremendous amount! Many thanks! ”

Cherie Knox
Kawartha Animal Hospital
Lindsey, Ontario Canada

“This weekend was a blast; nothing better than being in a room with people that share your passion! You, Annie, and Jennifer were all so easy to work with and so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you again!”

Kelby Weaver
VCA Cordova Veterinary Hospital
Condova, California

“I wanted to thank you for offering these educational opportunities, the Advanced course was incredible (wish I would have had this type of training years ago). Definitely a 5 out of 5 and I look forward to future ones.”

Hank Cerny
Yankee Hill Veterinary Hospital
Lincoln, Nebraska

“Dr. Beckman and his team gave me the tools to improve my oral surgery skills. If you offer an Advanced Course #2 sign me up!”

Tony L. Sheets DVM
Lexington Animal Clinic
Lexington, Kentucky

“The Advanced Canine Oral Surgery Course was amazing! The accommodations were fantastic. I would highly recommend this course.”

David Calderwood
Prairie Winds Veterinary Center
Fargo, North Dakota

“I am so happy and thankful for the training and practice I received at the Advanced Canine Oral Surgery course. Thank you Dr. Brett Beckman for your investment into general practitioners!”

“I am so pumped!! My first fenestration of mandibular canal for root retrieval on san actual patient. Thanks to Dr. Brett and Dr. Jodi for the putting on the Advanced Canine Oral Surgery course.”

Dr. Kristi Williams Busby
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Montgomery, USA

“Dr. Beckman and the other instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the Advanced Wet Lab and the new Atlanta state-of-the-art facility is extremely comfortable to work in. ”

Dr. Katie Anderson
Westarbor Animal Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI

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