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Veterinary Dental Webinars On Demand Dentistry Courses

RACE Accredited Veterinary Continuing Education

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The Canine Dentistry Course (8 RACE Credits)

  • Intro to Clinical Dentistry I and II
  • Management of Tooth Abnormalities
  • Clinical Case Studies I and II
  • Veterinary Dental Radiography Technique Simplified
  • Regional Nerve Blocks
  • Practice Protocol Insights

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Comprehensive Feline Dentistry Course(8 RACE Credits)

  • Feline Clinical Anatomy and Regional Nerve Blocks
  • Intro to Surgical Extractions Extraction Concepts and Technique
  • Tooth Resorption
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Feline Stomatitis
  • Neoplasia
  • SCC, Cysts and Misc Oral Disease
  • Practice Protocol

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Complete 5 Part Extraction Series (5 RACE Credits)

  • Simple Extractions
  • Intro to Surgical Extractions
  • The Canines
  • The Premolars
  • The Molars


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Comprehensive 5 Part Veterinary Dental Radiographic
Interpretation Course (5 RACE Credits)

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Veterinary Dentistry for the Veterinary Technician (8 RACE Credits)

  • The Technicians Role in Veterinary Dentistry
  • Anesthesia for the Dental Patient
  • Veterinary Dental Radiographic Technique and Positioning
  • Comprehensive Dental Cleaning and Oral Evaluation
  • The Dental Chart
  • Pain Management for the Dental Patient
  • Regional Nerve Blocks for Oral Surgery in Dogs and Cats
  • The Dental Chart
  • Periodontal Therapy

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