Normal Incisors? NOT!

This is a commonly encountered problem when full mouth radiography is utilized.  These incisors look normal however there is tremendous bone loss on radiographs.  Extractions, bone contouring, aveolar debridement, tissue contouring and closure is the treatment.

untitled 4454 Normal Incisors? NOT!

untitled 9 Normal Incisors? NOT!

untitled 4460 Normal Incisors? NOT!

untitled 4461 Normal Incisors? NOT!

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3 Responses to Normal Incisors? NOT!

  1. David Kane says:

    That is some mondo bone loss there! We had a case like this recently.

  2. Elaine says:

    Yes, mobility? Probably 2-3++?
    I have also had some show dogs that wanted that splinted for stability and to maintain some teeth. I’ve debrided and curettaged with placing doxycycline in the pockets. Owners brushed with chlorhex type gel. Cannot claim to get a lot of bone back though, although I have seen some good perio repair (bone and gingiva attachment) around the furcation in PM4 uppers. Need to document these more…

  3. Leo says:

    Great pictures to show the importance of oral x-rays.
    Very nice.

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